Eladó: szia mit kérsz?
Én: két sült krumpli lesz
Eladó: most minden páros rendeléshez kaphattok egy plüssállatot, kéritek?
Én: egyedül fogom megenni
Eladó: ...
Én: ...
Eladó: ....
Én: ....
Eladó: akkor szerintem én kiveszem a villát a másik sültkrumpliból


The Star Wars Expanded Universe Cover Illustrations by Tsuyoshi Nagano

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African American Women prefer ANY race to Caucasian Men. Kudos my sisters! Some of us still only see “the master”, rapist when we look at caucasian white men. #fact


The following statistics come from the people at Are You Interested, one of the largest Facebook-based dating apps. The AYI app is a lot like Tinder. It allows users to browse, message, and tell other users if they like them or not. The AYI data team have been measuring user interaction and some of the results pertaining to race are really interesting:

Data shows that singles searching for love are finding it outside their ethnic group AYI.com, a leading online dating app with over 70 million installs, analyzed over 2.4 million interactions among its current user base in the United States to discover the likelihood of users to respond to other users based on race.

This tells so much smh

Black women’s loyalty »>

it does.

and heteronormativity/the lack of research in non heterosexual spheres

^^^ same thing i was thinking

i suspect that if this were done on gay and queer folks, black queer women definitely desire and are desired by each other but i think when you get into gay and queer men, those racial things start to flare. most cisgay black men i know really struggle a lot with the whole “no fats, no femmes, no blacks” thing.

this poem really summarizes it well, i think.

This would be so weird if I hadn’t noticed the real-life accuracy beforehand.

but what’s better than a back woman?!?!?!?

In all honesty, too many of us have been brainwashed into believing the black woman is the worst. So much so that we (black men) typically go for white women, Asian women, Latina women, essentially non-black women.

It’s looking like this is slowly being changed as it appears as if many of us are appreciating black women the way they should be appreciated, but some faster change couldn’t hurt.

Man fuck that. I love my black women

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#shh #csökkentjük #azt #is #nyugi

#shh #csökkentjük #azt #is #nyugi

Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back. Today we #ResetTheNet to stop mass spying. Encrypt everything! Learn how: http://thndr.it/PVxjUl

Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back. Today we #ResetTheNet to stop mass spying. Encrypt everything! Learn how: http://thndr.it/PVxjUl